Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball

Playing Blumgi Ball demonstrates your love of sports. This is a basketball game with platforming and puzzle elements. The goal of this game is self-explanatory: throw the ball into the basket. It employs a slingshot system in which you drag the indicator to the intensity with which you want to throw the ball and then release it to do so. You can train to be able to make accurate shots in order to complete this task.

You can aim the ball while avoiding obstacles for the majority of the levels. You can even teleport in order to pierce the ball in the proper direction, then teleport to catch and throw the ball again. You can also try again if it fails. This Blumgi Ball will not look like a real basketball game because all you have to do is get the blumgi ball through the hoop, but you're not playing on a regular basketball court, and each level will be a competition. A brand new adventure awaits. Remember to collect points because every time you fill up the treasure chest with points, you will receive a reward, such as a brand new little animal to play with. Now, get ready to love now!

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How to play

  • Move the mouse pointer over the target to aim and shoot your balls.
  • If you click again while the ball is in the air, your player will teleport there, or you can do it by pressing the spacebar.
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