Bowling vs Zombies Factory 3D

Bowling vs Zombies Factory 3D

Bowling versus Zombies Factory 3D is a game in which players use bowling balls to defeat zombies. In order to shoot the zombies that are heading towards you, you will need to use these bowling balls. All you have to do is aim and shoot. The bullets are limitless and will push the zombies into the ocean. Because your cannon can fire indefinitely, all you have to do is aim and attack until no zombies arrive near you. In each level, you have a total of 30 lives. Every zombie that comes into contact with you causes you to lose a life. As a result, make sure to start with the zombies closest to you. Shooting the nearest zombies first is the key to staying alive for a longer period of time. Good luck.


How to play

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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