Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout

The first game to use Atari's game system was Idle Breakout. Click and click to make a lot of money! You have to click on colored bricks to make money. For each block you click, you'll earn a certain amount. With cash, you can buy upgrades or "breakout balls" that will help you smash blocks faster. You can start out with normal balls and then move up to plasmaballs.

Learn to Fly Idle and Idle Dice are two must-see features. For both, you have to spend your money wisely and well if you want to move through the game as quickly as possible.


  • A game like Atari Breakout that doesn't make noise.
  • Several balls that all have the same parameter.
  • The numbers on the bricks show how many hits it will take to break them.

How to play

For points, click on a brick. You can use the points you earn to buy new balls and make them better. To get more points, the balls will bounce and automatically break down the bricks.

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