Minesweeper is a popular computer game that serves as a logic puzzle. There is a grid of clickable squares and secret "mines" scattered across the board. The objective is to remove all mines from the board by using hints that show how many are in close proximity to each field.

Minesweeper has straightforward rules. There are mines placed at random across the chessboard's squares. There's no way to win unless every box is opened. Indicated by the number in the top right corner of each cell is the total number of mines in that area. It is possible to use this data to locate concealed weapons or mines. Use the right mouse button to highlight what you think are potentially dangerous cells.

To access the previously opened square, click anywhere outside of it. In most cases, your first attempt will result in a blank square. Once you do that, several adjacent tiles will unlock, allowing you to proceed more quickly. The system relies solely on numerical analysis to pinpoint the exact location of the mines.


How to play


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