Uphill Rush 10

Uphill Rush 10

Drive a car through 20 levels of New York City in Uphill Rush 10! You can get in your car, select your character, and then accelerate. Speed rules in this game. There is no stopping it!

Other challenges like boards and nearby structures could appear. You might find yourself floating above a pond or in the middle of a restaurant, for example. By using coins, you can either upgrade your car or purchase a brand-new one.

There are a total of 20 levels and 39 vehicles to unlock. Each vehicle has unique features, so use the 66 different skins to unlock better cars.


  • Your car and horse can be made to order.
  • There are 66 skins and 20 levels to choose from.
  • 39 vehicles, horses, and other things are available for unlocking.

How to play

To navigate a mobile device, use the arrow keys on the keyboard and the onscreen buttons.

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