Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Welcome to Doodle Jump, where you can embark on your own arduous and challenging journey of discovery. Here, The Doodler (a four-legged character) will ascend various platforms without falling below. With over 100 unique missions, how far will you go?

Your goal is to complete all missions while avoiding falling below.Otherwise, you will likely encounter numerous monsters, be mysteriously sucked into a black hole, or be abducted by an alien craft. Know how to make the most of the properties to give yourself the strength to go further. In addition, you can play more Castle Keeper, the best tower defense game of recent years.


  • Various power-ups, including response packs, spinning helmets, rockets, and springs, are available to help the player fly higher.
  • Many distinct subjects.
  • Numerous obstacles exist: UFOs, black holes, and numerous enormous monsters.
  • Jump on monsters to defeat them in Mario fashion.

How to play

Tilt the screen to move left or right, and tap the screen to fire.