Minecraft is a 3D survival game in which players can design their own environment. Survival is a first-person game mode in which the player must acquire materials to create the environment and sustain health. These bricks are organized in a 3D grid, and the player can freely navigate around the environment. Players can mine blocks and then place them elsewhere to construct structures.

With boundless resources, you will never be hungry and will be able to fly. Use this information to generate your own creativity. Utilization of soil, rock, ore, tree stems, water, and lava structured rationally in a three-dimensional grid It is time to investigate the most recent community-made products on the market. If you enjoy Minecraft, you can discover additional CraftMine.

Mode of play

  • Survival Mode: Gather natural resources available in the environment, such as wood and stone, to create specific blocks and things.
  • Creative mode: Through the inventory menu, players have fast access to practically all in-game resources and items, which they can place or remove.


  • Highlighted free Minecraft game.
  • There are both survival and creative styles of play.
  • Construct and survive in this incredible browser game.

How to play

  • AD or left and right arrow keys to move.
  • W key or up arrow to jump.
  • Left click to dig or place blocks.
  • E to open inventory or chests.
  • F to eat and hold an item.