Playful Kitty

Playful Kitty

In Playful Kitty, you can find the lovely cat's wool roll. The adorable cat is extremely bored. He can't sleep all day without playing. His favorite item was the spool of wool, but the skein was kept high and far away. Your mission is to locate the wool roll for the cat. Calculate how the wool rolls back using physics laws. With 24 different challenge levels, the initial challenges will appear to be quite simple, but the difficulty level will gradually increase.

Break the bricks by clicking on them. If you perform this procedure for too long, the cat will become extremely drowsy and unhappy. Return the spool and observe its delight. Playful Kitty is a straightforward yet endearing game. The riddles are not overly challenging; ask other folks to reason and solve them. Offer unexpected and intriguing solutions. If Playful Kitty appears to be a beautiful cat, then Magic Cat Academy will provide you with a wise magical cat. Let us now discover together!


How to play

Use the mouse to break the bricks.

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