Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 has you running through the jungle with ancient structures. To collect coins or avoid obstacles, you must jump over obstacles, slide down, turn at intersections, and move left or right. Open the game at the ancient temple with the chase of the big monkey. Will you become the best treasure hunter?

Run through the jungle while avoiding obstacles. Use your abilities to overcome the challenges one at a time. Without fear, face any challenge. Complete objectives throughout the game to raise your level and increase your current score. Along the way, collect a lot of gold and points to upgrade your power-ups and skins.


  • Power Shield: Assists in protecting you from obstacles. Shield, unlike Stealth, does not protect you from falling. Also, if you collide with an obstacle, the Shield effect will vanish, but you will survive the collision.
  • Coin Reward: For that run, 50 coins will be added to your total.
  • Boost: Join Boost right away.
  • Points Bonus: Adds 500 points to your run's base score and is affected by the multiplier.
  • Coin Magnet: Attract coins and collect them all.
  • Gem Bonus: Gives you a gem.

Play Strategy

  • Power up before turning into corners to increase your chances of collecting powerups.
  • Play a lot and practice a lot to get through the difficult part more easily.
  • While in the air, you can tilt and turn corners. Take advantage of this by jumping at the last second and changing lanes to safety.
  • Artifact chests are only available once per run. If you want to challenge yourself or unlock something, your best bet is to dive and die while collecting chests. If you miss a chest while running, it will reappear later.
  • You can easily complete challenges that require you to pick up multiple gems in a single run by using the Gems ability.

How to play

  • Arrow keys (or WASD) to move.
  • Up (or W) to jump.
  • Down (or S) to slide.
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