Word Hurdle

Word Hurdle

Word Hurdle is a brand new and easy-to-play word-matching game that will expand your vocabulary. The game features entertaining quizzes that allow players to test their language skills and find hidden words. Each participant will be given at least 13 chances to correctly guess eight words. Enjoy now!

Word Hurdle is a completely free and innovative way to stimulate and calm your mind. Each round of Word Hurdle consists of eight grids will give you a task to complete. Let's show your vocabulary in a matter of minutes. You're likely to have come across word games that require you to use your creativity to find a solution. Word Hurdle is an easy word game that tests your spatial reasoning and vocabulary. You will see improvement in both of these areas if you play it frequently.

Word Hurdle: How to Play?

Word Hurdle is suitable for all ages, and it has simple rules. Players can play Word Hurdle without any prior practice. Each round will have 8 words, with a maximum of 13. The game's interface divides into 6x6 pieces to show how many letters you need to find in each word.

Word Hurdle's original gameplay allows players to attempt an infinite number of incorrect words and then fix them until the correct term is found. If you correctly identify the letter and its location, the screen will glow blue. If the letter isn't included in this round, yellow will be displayed. If you have correctly entered the word, it will be displayed in gray. Word Hurdle features an interesting feature that displays the wrong color of the words on the screen. If you correctly predict the answer, all worksheets will be colored.

Here's a tip to help you cope with puzzles:

It is not easy to win Word Hurdle despite the simple principles. To choose the correct word, players must think quickly and be able to modify their ideas.

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