Fall Beans

Fall Beans

The Fall Guys served as the inspiration for the game Fall Beans, which is a fun one to play. Have a good time racing through the different areas. Participate in a race against other competitors with the goal of crossing the finish line first. The gameplay mode known as "battle royale" encourages players to act irrationally in an effort to come out on top.

You have the option of competing with other players in massively multiplayer arcades or playing privately with your friends in a game room that requires a password. Be wary of potential hazards, such as falling floors or walls that move.

You will receive a reward at each level that you successfully complete. The prizes can be anything from jumps to costumes to even actual gold. You can have a look by selecting the stars from the screen that contains the menu options. Your overall XP will increase proportionately to the number of races that you compete in and, ideally, triumph in.

There is also the option of Fall Boys and Girls.


How to play

  • To move around, you can either use the arrow keys or the space bar.
  • Controlling a mobile device with an onscreen controller
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