Foxy Land

Foxy Land

Support the adorable fox in Foxy Land and save Jennie, your true love. A ferocious eagle has kidnapped Jennie, and it is your mission to rescue her as a fox. The only way to save Jennie is to risk everything and go on an adventure! You'll need quick reflexes to leap over obstacles and avoid harm. Along the way, you must also acquire additional gems and upgrade Foxy's accessories. As well as passing 36 challenging levels! Play more games with other pixel styles, like Pixel Hardcore and Noob Super Agent Vs Robots.


  • In all, you'll face 36 increasingly difficult stages.
  • The ability to upgrade jewelry by amassing gems.
  • Pixel art and chiptune music are stunning.
  • Complex and challenging.
  • Very moving love story.

How to play

Press W/A/S/D to move around. Use "space" to jump.

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